Saturday, May 29, 2010

If I fell

I just watched the preview to Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride, which I sadly missed at a recent LGBT film festival. Mid-trailer, a couple of statistics came up on the screen:

Homosexuality remains illegal in roughly seventy countries.

In seven it is punishable by death.

I couldn't believe it. I often dismiss how lucky I am to live in Canada. Sure, there are risks in coming out as gay still, but we definitely do not risk punishment by our legal system. To think that by the simple, innocent act of falling in love, you're putting your life in danger? Today?

I wanted to know a bit more about rights, so of course, in Googling LGBT legal rights I was lead directly to Wikipedia. According to their entry, "in modern times seven countries have no official heterosexist discrimination. They are Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, and Spain. This full non-discrimination includes the rights of marriage and adoption."

Seven countries. SEVEN countries. That is ridiculous. My marriage isn't valid in any other country? And my life would be at stake in seven countries if I even tried to get married??

I wish I could help, I wish I could do more to change minds and change laws...I am very blessed to live where I do.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who's fast, and thorough, and sharp as a tack

So I don't know if you knew this, but Sabrina Jalees is pretty much my ideal. I've got a big old theeeesbian crush (Mean Girls?...anyone?), because she is just so witty! Ughughugh, cute hip look + funny lady = perfection, amirite?! I was watching a new Video on Trial featuring Sabrina with my my friend A tonight, and in the middle of Sabrina sitting there, crackin' some jokes and looking hot, I said to A, "that's it! She is it. Sabrina Jalees, or the closest one can be to her, because she is type. I have a type!!"

A: (calmly sitting there, analyzing the situation) She is definitely your type, and I can see you two marrying in the future.
Me: No need to create my own false hopes then when you can do it for me. Thanks friend! Also she has a girlfriend.
A: Minor detail.

Also, the librarian I am currently working under loaned me a book from the teacher exchange programme, the book being Ellen Degeneres's second (?), entitled The Funny Thing Is...When I showed the book to my mother, telling her I got special permission to borrow it before the teachers do their swap, my mom immediately shouted, "ohmigosh KEEP IT!" Hah.