Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mamma Mia! Does it show again?

Tis Mother's Day in North America. Though I am still residing in the UK, where "Mothering Sunday" was celebrated just over a month ago, my family is celebrating back home today. Thus, a tribute to the Queen of Thesbian Palace (haha), my mom.


The above pic comes from the film Easy A, wherein the incredibly quick-witted/too awesome for words heroine and her mom are having some girl-talk. The relationship Olive, the heroine, maintains with both of her parents is actually ideal. Though my parents don't treat me exactly as Olive's parents treat her - as a peer, or a friend - my parents and I still have a very open, honest, and fun-loving relationship, much like the one in this film.

Though the Thesbian Palace does not rule under any specific religion (not since the Battle of Lesopia circa 1992-1994, anyway), I must say that I feel very blessed to have such parents, and specifically on this day, such a mom.

Yes, I worried like the rest of you thesbians before coming out to her. Though she had never said anything truly awful about The Gays before, she had also never said anything good, so. I worried.

But when I did finally tell her, she had a moment of silence. A moment where I wondered if I should just take it all back. But after that moment, she proved to be the mom every mom should be like. She told me she'll always love me, no matter what. Hugging and tears, blah blah blah. A big dramatic scene that today, I can see, was wholly unnecessary.

Because today, she sends me e-mails asking how I'm doing since my last break-up. Today, she Skypes with me asking if I've met any thesbians of interest. Today - well okay, a couple of summers ago - she went with me, my ex, and my ex's mom to a gay club. On drag night. Potentially a night of awkwardness? Potentially, yes. But my mom rocked it, and it ended up being one of the best nights of my life.

She still plays her terrible music too loud, and yes, she still nags me about keeping things clean. Some things will never change. But they also will never really matter. Not when there's the kind of love that does.