Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You better shop around

So I work as a cashier, and many a possible thesbian has gone through my lane. Today in particular, a fairly feminine blond woman wearing an adorably splashed-upon paint suit came through. Immediately I think - should I do something? I have terrible (I mean terrible - remember Dana Fairbanks [RIP]?) gaydar, so when I have even the slightest inkling (extra side note: inkling is taken from inclination, so why the k?!) that someone might be a thesbian, I get quite excited. I want to give them a special nod, and get one in return. I want RECOGNITION. So I look a bit deeper into a possible thesbian's eyes, as if to say "I'm one too!" when in fact I'm probably just creeping them out. I noticed that she smiled for an extra millisecond and looked at my name tag...I guess until I start wearing my "I'm a lesbian, ask me how!" button to work, I'll be content with that.