Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hot blooded, check it and see

I'm sick! No actually, I'm siiiick :( :(

I very rarely get sick, I think. The last time I remember being sick was around New Year's Eve last year. Let me tell you, as much as I am loving the single thesbian life, having a gf when you're sick is so freaking stellar. When I'm sick, there's nothing I want to do more than cuddle up to someone I love and share all of my germs with them. It's not about the germ-sharing, of course, I always feel pretty bad about that in the end. But when you're feeling gross and alone, it's a pretty great feeling to have someone buy you popsicles, rent The Office on DVD, and give you limitless snuggles as you blow your nose 'til you look like Rudolph. Now I had to feverishly stumble to the convenience store to buy my own popsicles, and slept all day.

As I said though, the single thesbian life is going along pretty well indeed. Was it nice to be in the same couple-dom stage as most of my friends? Yes. But does it also feel nice to make out with lots of thesbians and half-thesbians, all while keeping my heart intact? You betcha. I always greatly disliked the character of Shane on The L Word, but now I think she might have been onto something...

K, gonna go sleep for 18 hours now.

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